Cross-party Local Government Association (LGA) research reveals that nearly half a million pupils are in academies that have been assessed by OFSTED either inadequate or requiring improvement since conversion.

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Ingol Lib Dems Launch Action Against Cold Calling


Councillors John Potter and Pauline Brown, and County Councillor Bill Winlow, have led the charge to turn swathes of Ingol into a no cold-calling zone. The area, west of Tag Lane, is the focus of a campaign to protect its most vulnerable residents.

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Labour and Tories Block Reforms to Help Underrepresented Councillors


In a shocking decision in Preston City Council both Labour and Conservative councillors blocked proposals by Lib Dem Cllr John Potter to look into whether we can make it easier for councillors with childcare or work commitments to become and remain councillors.

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Two New Toucan Crossings in Cottam on Busy Road


Excellent news for pedestrians and cyclists as two new crossings on Cottam Way are to be installed.

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Save Our Solar Schools


Liberal Democrats have called on the government to scrap its plan to hit some state schools that have solar panels with a tax hike.

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Lib Dems Fight For Faster Internet Speeds for Preston


Your local Liberal Democrats are calling on the government to re-affirm its commitment to a national minimum broadband speed across the country to stop hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses falling into a “digital twilight zone”.

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New No Cold Calling Success in Cadley


Over the last few months your Cadley Lib Dem team have been knocking on doors to create a new No Cold Calling Zone in Cadley (We understand the irony!)

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Lib Dems Launch Campaign to Put Crossing on Cadley Causeway


Your Cadley Lib Dem Team have launched a petition to get a pedestrian crossing built on Cadley Causeway. As you know your local Lib Dem councillors and Focus Team have been campaigning for a pedestrian crossing there for many years.

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Securing the Future of Health and Social Care


For too many years our NHS has not got the investment it needs. While Brexiteers claimed that the NHS will get another £350million a week when we leave Europe, this has already been shown up as another cheap con trick from Farage, Johnson and Co. to win the referendum at all costs.

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Cadley 43 Bus Service To Be Cut


Residents, councillors and your Liberal Democrat Focus Team are very disappointed and angered that the number 43 bus service has been re-routed away from the vital bus stop on Mill Lane.

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