Preston MPs Sign Blank Cheque on Brexit


The three MPs covering the Preston area have all voted to trigger Article 50, giving the Government free reign to start their uncontained, destructive Hard Brexit.

The MPs, all of whom supported remaining in the European Union, have sold out their own values - which is why they're in Parliament - to back Theresa May's devastating Hard Brexit, which could jeopardise millions of pounds of investments in Lancashire, and put thousands of jobs at risk.

Since the vote in June, the economy has tumbled, with our GDP sitting at the lowest it has been in recent years. With Preston, Lancashire, and UCLan receiving millions from EU funds, Brexit could devastate our local economy.

The Liberal Democrats firmly believe that we need a final referendum on the Brexit deal - we voted to leave, not for a destination. Unlike the Government, we believe that the final deal is more important than the initial vote. You wouldn't catch a bus without any knowledge of where you're heading, and we think Brexit should be the same.

Neil Darby, Parliamentary Spokesperson said,

"The respective decisions of our Labour Preston MP and Tory MPs in Wyre and Preston North and Fylde to vote in favour of passing the power to trigger A50 to May is little short of a betrayal of every hard working member of our city.

"The EU referendum result must be respected, but we must also remember the 16m+ people who voted to remain.

"The fairest way to ensure both sides are treated with respect is to build into the Article 50 vote a referendum on the final result of our negotiations with Europe.

"We simply do not know what the outcome of these talks will be and it is inexcusable for our MPs to write a blank cheque for Theresa May, whose foreign policy record of the last week alone has been to cosy up to Donald Trump and Turkey's President Erdogan."

To find out more about the Lib Dem stance on Europe, watch this short video:

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