Local Lib Dems Commemorate Earth Day with Fracking Opposition


Cllr John Potter and your local Liberal Democrats have decided to commemorate Earth Day by re-stating the party’s long standing opposition to fracking.

The practice sees high pressure water and chemicals being blasted at shale beds underground to extract the gas that it contains. Trials across the world have shown shocking results such as being able to set fire to tap water, or in the case of a town in Australia, setting fire to an entire lake.

The Tories in Westminster called the decision in after Lancashire County Council opposed fracking, citing the fact that huge swathes of the population in the red rose county were against the process.

John said,

"Since 2015, the Conservatives have shown themselves to be the fracking industry's biggest cheerleaders. Despite overwhelming local democratic objections, the Conservatives have nodded through fracking against the wishes of the people of Lancashire.

"Earth Day is a reminder of how important climate change is and of the economic opportunities available if we embrace new green technologies."

Fracking is a big issue in Preston, with Rose Wood and Preston New Road identified as sites where the Tory government wishes to force fracking upon people.

The Liberal Democrats will release a full manifesto in coming days, which will outline our environmental policy in further detail.

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