Councillor Neil Darby has welcomed plans to make Preston the first place in the United Kingdom to provide free testing for drugs.

The plans will see drug testing booths introduced into clubs in the City Centre, where people can get their substances tested for free.

The booths will also provide places to dispose of the substances, where they will be destroyed, if after testing, a potential user decides against it.

Neil said,

"It needs to be recognised that people will use drugs regardless of their legality. In cities nationwide like Preston, there already exists a large drugs scene.

"This places them at the mercy of the unregulated drug scene controlled by organised crime.

"Making sure people who have drugs take them safely is more important than not caring and then treating them like criminals.

"Many of these people may already suffer from addiction, and by turning our collective backs on them, we run the risk of allowing them to hurt themselves further, placing them at the mercy of dealers."

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