Liberal Democrat Peers in the House of Lords are taking action to stop Tory reforms that could see Universities stripped of their Royal Charters.

The reforms have been described as "knowing the cost of everything and the value of nothing", with their own Tory Peers expected to rebel.

The Liberal Democrats are unequivocally against the marketisation of higher education. The reforms could see universities such as Oxford and Cambridge stripped of their royal charters, and make room for the creation of profit-making universities from existing for-profit colleges.

The Tories have listed one of the main concerns that created the bill as low entry requirements.

Parliamentary Spokesperson Cllr Neil Darby said,

"This is almost as bad as the Gove reforms of secondary education, and we all know how they were received by the public.

"I commend our Lib Dem peers for taking a stand against these destructive reforms. I hope to see local Peers such as Lord Greaves and Lord Stunnell making the case against the changes.

"Local universities like UCLan are renowned for making higher education accessible to all; these reforms would have a devastating effect on UCLan, on Preston, and on our local economy."

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