Lib Dems Demand Cash for NHS


The Liberal Democrats have called on the Chancellor to give another £4 billion of funding to our cash-starved National Health Service.

The Chancellor has vowed to throw funding at private businesses to counterbalance Britain leaving the EU, but has been suspiciously silent on giving the NHS the lifeline is desperately needs.

Former Health Minister Norman Lamb said,

"NHS and care services are on the precipice as we approach the winter months.

"Waiting lists are growing, deficits hit record levels this year and staff are under unsustainable pressure.

"In social care, thousands of people are seeing services withdrawn and 15-minute visits have become the norm as councils struggle to make ends meet."

Parliamentary Spokesperson Neil Darby said,

"As usual, Norman is right on the money. Like Nick Clegg said in the TV debates, the NHS doesn't need warm words. It needs hard cash.

"The Liberal Democrats are the only party offering a real, costed plan to save the world's best healthcare system. The Tories will cut it to the bone, and Labour will spend us into another economic crisis."

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