Lib Dems Commemorate International Nurses' Day


On this International Nurses' Day, Neil Darby and Preston Lib Dems would like to thank our local nurses for all the hard work they do keeping our beloved NHS ticking.

The Liberal Democrats have a fully costed plan to save our National Health Service, and also plan to pump £1bn of extra funding into mental health, continuing our amazing work in Government in which we saw hundreds of millions of pounds put in mental health services.

Parliamentary candidate for Preston Neil Darby said,

“Today, on International Nurses' Day, it is appropriate for us to take a moment to say a collective ‘Thank You’ to our nurses. In many ways nurses are the lifeblood of our NHS – the first and last person you see on most hospital visits. I have a few nurses in my family so I know just how hard they work for their patients, putting in hours far beyond what they are paid for. Alongside caring for our physical wellbeing when under their care, nurses also provide much needed emotional reassurance to people.

"However, as the budget of the NHS is put under pressure from an aging population and poor support from the Tory government, it is important that we support these guardians. The Liberal Democrats have pledged an additional £6bn a year for our NHS which will help our nurses carry out their vital work.”

The £6bn pledged for the NHS by the Liberal Democrats will come from a penny in the pound rise on National Insurance, and is backed by 70% of people nationwide.


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