Lib Dems Back Inclusive Passports


The Liberal Democrats have launched a push for gender-inclusive passports, which would mean transgender and intersex individuals will no be forced to identify with an incorrect gender in their travel documentation.

The policy was first adopted in 2014 at the Autumn Conference, and reads

"It is important that the state recognises individuals' identity in a way that is acceptable to them, but the current system of markers on official documentation requires that people chose to identify entirely as male or female. Some countries, in line with international standards, allow 'X' (Unspecified) gender markers on passports and we support the extension of this to UK passports"

Baroness Lorely Burt, Lib Dem Equalities Spokesperson said,


I'm glad to see the Government has finally accepted that a review into the GRA is overdue. However, we don't need another review to tell us that x passports should be introduced.


"Given the Government is throwing cash down the drain changing the colour of our passports the least they could do is offer some comfort to individuals who don't want to identify as either male or female and introduce 'X' passports.


"As always this Government seem to have their priorities all wrong."

Parliamentary Spokesperson Neil Darby said,

"I'm so proud that the Liberal Democrats are taking a stance on such an important issue. Nobody should be misgendered by the state, and we're taking great steps to ensure this stops happening"



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