Lib Dem Success with Council Motions

Thursday 18th October was a full council meeting to remember! Your local Lib Dem Councillors made their mark today with not one, but two successful Council Motions.


Councillor Neil Darby did an excellent job arguing for the Council to back a People’s Vote. Neil had this to say:

"I have submitted this motion to the Council as we have a duty of care to do our best for the people of Preston. We have a duty to ensure that Prestonians are being treated fairly and have the best opportunities available to them. In June 2016, our city narrowly voted in favour of leaving the EU. However it has become clear since then that leaving the EU will not be the easy process Boris Johnson and Michael Gove promised. Neither will it free up any resources for our underfunded NHS. In fact, we can now see that the NHS will suffer from staffing shortages and threats of privatisation from America. Meanwhile jobs and businesses in the North West will be disproportionately hard hit by leaving the Single Market.” “Recent polls show a clear majority in Preston would now vote to remain in the EU, along with 111 other constituencies across the country who voted to leave in 2016. Once we know what deal is agreed by the UK and EU and we find out what leaving actually means, it is only right that we check that we are still acting according to the will of the people. This isn’t an election result which can be overturned in five years’ time, but a decision that will determine the success and opportunities available to our children and grandchildren – so let’s make sure we get it right with a People’s Vote."


You can see Neil’s interview with the LEP here.


Councillor Claire Craven presenting her first motion to council since being elected earlier this year on the subject of local accountability for Fracking decisions.


“Earlier this year the Government launched a consultation on its proposal to bring applications for fracking sites under the control of the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects regime rather than keeping the decision making power with the Mineral Planning Authorities. For us here in Lancashire that would mean the applications to Frack would be decided on by central Government instead of our own County Council, which I believe is better placed to understand our local area and the impact any application would have on local people. It is my belief that there is no benefit to centralising Fracking applications and that doing so would risk applications being passed without full consideration of the concerns of residents.

It is important to note that this motion is not about the viability of Fracking in general, but about keeping decision making powers about such important issues in the hands of the communities affected by them. I have proposed this motion calling for the Interim Chief Executive to respond to the Government’s consultation before it closes on October 25th calling for decision making powers on Fracking applications to be kept in the hands of the local authorities.”

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