Labour and Tories Block Reforms to Help Underrepresented Councillors


In a shocking decision in Preston City Council both Labour and Conservative councillors blocked proposals by Lib Dem Cllr John Potter to look into whether we can make it easier for councillors with childcare or work commitments to become and remain councillors.

Nationally, only 19.2% of councillors are in full time employment, and only 18.3% are under 50 years of age

The Lib Dems then tried again to make the other parties even look into ‘Attracting Councillors from diverse backgrounds’ - Labour and the Conservatives voted 13 to 4 against the motion.

Cllr Potter said,

"It was a disgraceful decision. We need councillors from all backgrounds to be represented in the city. Labour and Conservative have slammed the door in the face of those underrepresented groups."


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