Focus On: Casework

In keeping with our ‘Working for you all year round’ motto there isn’t a day that goes by without your local team frantically making calls, emailing council departments or taking the obligatory ‘angry face by pothole’ photo in the name of Casework. But what on earth is it?


Councillor John Potter doing a text book ‘angry at pothole’ face at Whitby Avenue in Ingol.

Basically Casework is the name we give to any local issues that we pick up and try to put right. This could be something we’ve spotted ourselves while we are out and about, but more often than not it’s something that local residents have brought to our attention.


You can contact your local Lib Dem team about anything that concerns your local area. Be it an issue with your bins, anti social behaviour, planning issues or parking. From fly tipping to local services we want to hear about it! Whatever it is we will either try to help you ourselves or we will point you in the right direction to get support.


For the most part Casework is usually a straightforward issue but sometimes we come across a really complex problem. For example, Cllr John Potter has been campaigning since 10th September 2013 taking the fight all the way up to County Hall. Your local Lib Dem team has also been campaigning for get Black Bull Lane resurfaced since 2015 which has involved petitions, council motions and a lot of nagging!


Of course we love to talk to you about wider issues but in our minds politics starts at home and listening to and looking after the communities we live in is top of our priority list.


Do you have any local issues that you would like us to help with? Please feel free to get in touch and I will pass your query on to you local team.


Local party chair: Claire Craven


Phone: 07500337795


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