Preston Liberal Democrats have come out against the changes to the Fishergate Shared Space, which have been imposed by Labour without public consultation.

The changes saw a busy section of the street become one-way, and saw sections of road become right-turn only.

Parliamentary Spokesperson Neil Darby said,

"The changes to Fishergate are proving to be a triumph of style over substance.

"I admit that it looks very modern, but I have deep concerns over the lack of planning and forethought that has gone into the whole project. As a result of the greatly reduced capacity of Fishergate, traffic is being forced onto already over-burdened roads nearby such as Ring Way.

"It is a fairly accepted economic point that traffic is bad for a local economy - people stuck in cars are neither spending money nor earning it.

"I hope that lessons are learnt from this in further modernisation projects in our city centre - and I hope that the Council finds some form of solution for the traffic problem which has been created.

"Last Christmas period was chaos for traffic in the city centre, I dread to think how much worse it will be this year if no action is taken swiftly.

"I wish that Labour in County Hall had spent more time planning for such important changes in such a high-profile part of the city.

"This scheme demonstrates how EU money may be given generously and with the best of intentions, only for a lack of local leadership to end up causing us more problems than we started with."

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