"We need more books, not more cooks!" - Cllr Neil Darby


Preston Councillor and Parliamentary Spokesperson Neil Darby has come out against reckless decision making from both Labour and the Tories that saw one of our most-used libraries get closed down and put up for sale.

Fulwood Library was shut down through a combination of Lancashire County Council's Labour group axing services with glee, and the Tories in Westminster throttling local communities of much-needed funding.

It is now understood that a commercial property consultancy are looking to sell the site for almost half a million pounds, and are looking at bar and restaurant usage for it.

Neil said,

"We need more books, not more cooks!

"The Tories decided to starve our libraries of cash, and then a Tory Minister throws his toys out of the pram when it doesn't fall favourably for him!

"Labour made the final decision to kill the library, whilst their inner circle claim over £130,000 in allowances each year!

"It's clear nobody is really standing up for real people apart from the Liberal Democrats."

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