A Labour report has slammed their Leader for being out of touch and divisive, as the party trails 17 points behind in the polls.

Whilst the Liberal Democrats make regular gains - winning in Richmond Park, beating Labour in Witney and Sleaford, and taking council seat after council seat from the failing socialist party, Labour are flagging behind, showing real people that they're more concerned with their own power struggles than they are making a difference to people.

One damning verdict said "If you listen to what he says, he’s just like that white noise in the background, because he hasn’t got any passion, he’s got no presence, really."

Councillor Neil Darby, Parliamentary Spokesperson for Preston Liberal Democrats said,

"This is just telling us what we already know. Time after time, Labour have proven that their own petty squabbles matter more than the lives of real people.

"They have had chance after chance to oppose the government, and they haven't done that; it's like a scene out of The Thick Of It!

"The Liberal Democrats are proving to be the real opposition to Tory austerity and the destruction of our civil liberties."

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